Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Prostate Health for Every Man

Recently, I have truly come to appreciate the role of the prostate in a man’s health. I never would have thought that a tiny gland which produces male reproductive fluid could be so important to a man’s overall health. When it’s unhealthy, it can cause pain, interrupt sleep, and even result in cancer. Apparently, there are over 9 million American men, such as myself, who suffer from BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia. Basically, it’s just an enlarged prostate, but what a problem it can be!

I’ve either tried or considered any number of options for treating my BPH. Surgery, drugs, herbal remedies, exercises, I feel like I’ve explored everything. But in that process, I’ve come to understand that there is a lot of garbage information out there. Of course, most of this stuff is unregulated and you can say just about anything you want on the internet. But that’s cold comfort when you’re trying to find out what to do about a prostate problem that’s getting you out of bed four times a night to use the bathroom.

On this blog, I’d like to get a conversation going with other men about prostate health. I don’t want to restrict this to BPH either. If you have prostatitis or even, God forbid, prostate cancer, then please feel free to participate. Together, sharing what we know, we can cut through the lies and distortions to get to the truth about keeping a healthy prostate. I have found a lot of information myself, and will be writing regularly about it so that I can share it with you, but I need your help. Most of all, I’d like to hear about your experiences treating a prostate problem. What have you tried and how did it work? How long did it take to work and did it reduce or totally clear up your symptoms?

I look forward to hearing your stories. I wish you all a good day and good prostate health.


Blogger Mr. Theo said...

Yes, I would like to agree with you about how much terrible information exists out there. We seem to be so embarassed about prostate conditions that we would rather get sold a bogus cure than discuss it with someone.

Personally, I am most interested in what natural supplements exist to help with prostate health. The thing is, even after you get surgery, the inflammation can return. You're not curing the problem, you're just removing the most inflamed tissue. So here we are, risking impotence, pain, and infertility without really even fixing the problem. I'd like to know what are the best things to look for and what are the best products which deliver them.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

Hi, my name is Lou and I can tell you that suffering from an enlarged prostate is no fun.
After almost two years, I could no longer stand the symptoms and had prostate surgery (TURP).
I experienced 5 side-effects that I did not uncover in my research I am glad that I did and created a web site to tell men about them.

5:11 PM  

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