Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What in the World is Swedish Flower Pollen?

I get asked this a lot. How do they harvest the pollen? If I’m allergic to pollen, can I take this? And anyway, how is this stuff any different from bee pollen?

I’m going to try to settle these questions for everyone who has asked me and for anyone else who may be wondering. First, let me relay some of the clinical data from studies which specifically examined flower pollen’s ability to control BPH. The Provelex site cites this:

One study followed 89 men with BHP for four months and found that the group receiving a flower pollen extract experienced a 78% improvement in their symptoms. Another study followed the occurrences of Noturia (frequent nighttime urination) in 60 men. Over six months, the condition improved or disappeared in 60% of the group taking a flower pollen extract. The group also reported a 57% improvement in bladder emptying. Results like these underscore the power of Swedish Flower Pollen in overall prostate health. Provelex Prostate Treatment offers 400 mg of Swedish Flower Pollen.

These results agree with the results of a smaller study from 1989 which followed 15 patients aged 23 to 63, all of whom had been diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis or prostatodynia. The treatments ranged from 1 to 18 months and during that time 7 of the men lost all of their symptoms, 6 had their symptoms improve, and 2 saw no change. While 2 of the men had a relapse once they came off the flower pollen, their symptoms went away once they resumed taking flower pollen.

There are many more studies, although I won’t bore you with them now. In the end, scientists are coming to realize that flower pollen has an important role to play in prostate health, and that’s what matters. After all, it took a long time to get a pollen extract which didn’t involve bees.

Pollen grains are very tough and the human digestive system can’t break them down. They’re made of cellulose and we can’t digest cellulose. Historically, we’ve only been able to get some of the benefit of flower pollen from what the bees left over in honey. But that’s only a fraction of the nutritional value pollen has to offer. In recent years, European scientists have developed a method of harvesting the pollen grains straight from the flower and then fermenting them according to a special process which opens the pollen grains, destroys any toxins, yeasts, or moulds, and leaves the nutrients intact. This is the process which any Swedish flower pollen undergoes.

This process eliminates not only the toxins which inhabit the average pollen grain, but also the allergic qualities. This means that anyone who is allergic should be able to take a flower pollen supplement, but I can’t guarantee anything. I take Swedish flower pollen, but am not allergic to pollen in general, so I don’t know for sure. I can say that any commercial website or supplement manufacturer I’ve spoken to tells me that there is no problem for people with allergies. Overall, this is an exciting thing, since there’s a body of supporting data, but no known side effects. I will watch for new studies and let you know what results come in.


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